Catalysts for Culture Change – Empower Your Frontline Workforce

Workplace culture is developed through interactions, it is a system of behaviours accepted and adopted by all employees. It is influenced by leadership but determined by all.

Your frontline workforce represents the bulk of the interactions in your workplace. They also represent the majority determining voice, particularly for 24/7 operations. 

Imagine the outcome if you empowered this incredible human resource with the knowledge to understand that they are part of determining their workplace culture by virtue of the behaviours they accept and adopt as a group. How they participate in the workplace is their decision – and theirs alone. No one can make them do anything, only the consequences for their decisions are influenced by management.

The biggest influencers of behaviours in the workplace are our own personal motivations and abilities and the feedback from the people we work with. The reactions of others to our behaviour will determine whether we repeat that behaviour. Hence it is largely themselves and those they work most closely with who choose what is and is not acceptable behaviour.

That the motivations for their actions and words are shaped by their life experiences and values, but others perceive those actions and words through a different lens, one that is shaped by their life experiences and values. Which  may be very different. The same is true for the way will perceive other’s actions and words through their lens,  but that those actions and words are motivated by the other persons life experiences and values. Which may be different.

They can also choose to change those behaviours by having respectful and constructive interactions. Providing feedback in a predictable, easy to digest format that maintains the respect and self esteem of the receiver. Providing specific information on what was good or bad about the interaction and, if appropriate, specific suggestions that would improve the interaction from the lens of the other person.  Interactions that provide the information and motivation for positive cultural change.

If you’re looking for a catalyst for culture change – empower your frontline workforce with knowledge and engage them through your leadership.

Sharlie Morrison
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

With over 15 years’ experience in various senior leadership roles in the Mining, Manufacturing, and Resources Industry. Sharlie is committed to sharing her Diversity & Inclusion expertise with clients to engage and empower the talents of every employee in their business, creating a diverse, inclusive, and sustainable workplace culture.   If you would like to read more about Sharlie and her workshops on Essemy click this link.