Essemy is so much more than just workshops

We understand some businesses require a customised solution and may want to talk through options face to face with a learning expert.

Design a program

Whether it’s engaging a single expert to meet a specific need, or a team of experts to deliver a full business transformation program. With Essemy you can design the solutions and choose the experts to deliver your desired outcome.

How to create a tailored program with Essemy

Work with our team of learning experts to understand your needs

Design a program selecting the very best experts for each topic

Communicate program vision and objectives with your team and the facilitation team

Program Launch

A dedicated project delivery manager will support you throughout the process

Essemy Expert search

The Essemy network has hundreds of experts nationally. Each individual with their own unique skill set, experience and delivery style. If you are looking for a specific subject matter expert to facilitate training for your people, Essemy can take the time and effort out of finding the right expert for your needs.

Why engage Essemy to find the right experts for your needs:

  1. Reduce the time and cost of searching for the right experts for your organisation’s learning needs
  2. Reach to hundreds of experts nationally
  3. Each individual is assessed against a stringent vetting process
  4. Alignment to your organisation’s unique needs
  5. Essemy will conduct the search and present you with a shortlist of the best experts to select

Request a Customised Solution

If you have a specific project with a budget in mind, whether it be a long term engagement or a training solution, Essemy is highly experienced in supporting clients with their customised delivery needs.

Request a Customised Solution

  1. Complete the Post a Project Form
  2. Essemy will be in contact to arrange a scoping meeting and will present experts with relevant skills to review aligned to your delivery needs and pricing requirements
  3. Clients have a dedicated team of client managers to support throughout the delivery 

Other customised solutions

Become one of the many organisations completely transforming their people development experiences