Profiling Tools and Psychometric Assessments

What is a Profiling Tool?

Psychometric profiling tools are purpose-built to uncover the hidden facets of personality and can be used for talent acquisition and team building to personal development and career planning.

They provide valuable insights into individual strengths, preferences, and motivations and if delivered in the right way can help individuals enhance self-awareness and optimise team dynamics and performance. Tools include Hogans, Myers Briggs, EQi 2.0, Change Style Indicator, Belbin Team Roles, Centre for Creative Leadership Skillscope and DISC.

With over 100 Essemy experts, we have accredited facilitators able to work with you with a wide range of profiling tools and run debrief sessions.

What is a Pre-Employment Psychometric Assessment?

You may have heard how a psychometric assessment can save your organisation time and money while ensuring you hire the right candidate.

But what is a psychometric assessment?

A psychometric test is an effective tool for predicting a candidate’s job performance and competence by objectively evaluating their personality and cognitive abilities.

There are two main types of psychometric tests: ability tests and personality tests. Ability tests assess a candidate’s critical thinking skills, overall cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and ability to understand information.

Personality-focused psychometric tests provide valuable insight into how well an employee will integrate into your organisation.

Why Use A Psychometric Assessment As Part Of Your Recruitment Process?

Using a psychometric assessment as part of your recruitment process can save time and money, and ensure you find the candidate who is best suited to a specific role and also a fit to your organisation’s culture.

A pre-employment psychometric test can gather objective information that can help predict:

  • How agreeable an employee will be
  • How successful a team member will be within your organisation
  • If an employee is well-suited to your organisation’s values and core beliefs
  • If a candidate has the cognitive abilities needed to succeed at the job
  • A candidate’s leadership potential
  • How well a candidate will perform in a team setting

Pre Employment Testing Benefits Your Workplace

Hiring can be a costly, time-consuming, overwhelming process for your organisation. The data-driven insight provided by psychometric assessments can make the hiring process significantly easier, and more productive.

Here is a look at the main benefits of conducting a pre-employment psychometric test for your candidates.

Harrisons Assessments
Our Partner in Psychometric Testing

Harrison Assessments is a cutting-edge solution for talent acquisition, staff development, and retention.

The Harrisons Assessments state-of-the-art assessment tools provide deep insights into individual strengths, motivations, and how the individual will fit into the job you are hiring for, enabling you to make a more educated hiring decision. By utilising their advanced technology and scientifically validated assessments, you can identify candidates who possess the right skills, behaviours, and cultural alignment to thrive within your organisation.

Harrison Assessments goes beyond traditional assessments by offering comprehensive solutions for talent development. Their in-depth reports provide actionable recommendations for individual and team growth, enabling organisations to create personalised development plans that maximise potential and drive exceptional performance.

By understanding the unique drivers and motivations of your workforce, you can create a workplace culture that fosters loyalty, satisfaction, and continuous improvement. Harrison Assessments has been trusted by organisations worldwide to transform their talent management practices.

Essemy is an approved provider of Everything DiSC

Everything DiSC is a comprehensive and versatile psychometric assessment tool designed to enhance personal and professional development. This tool is known for its wide-ranging applications in leadership, team dynamics, communication, and conflict resolution, and provides valuable insights into individuals’ behavioural preferences and tendencies. With Everything DiSC, organisations can foster a more harmonious and productive work environment by promoting understanding and effective communication among team members. Whether used for leadership training, team building, or conflict management, Everything DiSC offers a data-driven approach to self-awareness and interpersonal relationships, ultimately driving improved collaboration and organisational success.

Why Essemy?

As a leading provider of psychometric assessments, career coaching, and organisational development solutions in Australia, Essemy is dedicated to closing the gap between individuals and the expertise they require to thrive in their professional lives and achieve their personal goals.

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