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Essemy provides you with the choice of leading experts, best training workshops and coaching solutions, allowing you to take control of your organisations workplace training and people needs.

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transforming their professional development experiences

Australia's Leading Subject Matter Experts
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We have built a professional development marketplace that helps you find the perfect subject matter experts for the unique needs of your organisation and people. On the Essemy platform you can choose the subject matter experts that are right for your budget and objectives, and seek comfort that every individual has been qualified through a comprehensive vetting process. Transform your workplace training today!

Book workplace training with ease and efficiency

With Essemy, you can search, compare and book workshops directly, right here on the platform. You can book an expert for their single workshop or you can build bespoke programs with multiple experts. Engage Essemy to enhance your professional development, and workplace training and achieve your business goals.

Work with us to
customise a solution for your workplace training

Get the most out of your workplace training and employee development with Essemy. If you want to get the best professional development solution for your people, we can help you build a customised program aligned to the needs of your organisation. The Essemy team are organisational development professionals and have personally qualified every expert on the platform to get to know their unique offering and skills. Get in touch with us today to chat about how we might be able to support you and your teams professional development.

Already know what you need?

With Essemy you can send us your project scope for a customised learning solution and we will build what you need, whether that be training delivery, instructional design, coaching or e-learning.


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