Customised Solutions with Essemy

If you have a specific project with a budget in mind, whether it be a consulting assignment, e-learning or specialised delivery, Essemy can build and deliver it. You will work with our experienced team at Essemy to scope the project in detail and we will build a delivery team with the right expertise. 

Why submit a customised solution request?

  1. We have designed this service for those businesses that know exactly what they need but it might not exist on the platform or is a unique need.  Whether that be a 2 hour lunch and learn on a particular topic, a long term project or a large delivery program, submitting a customised training request is an efficient way to go to market and choose the right solution for your business.

How to request a customised solution


Fill in the form with as much detail as you can.


Essemy will be in contact to arrange a scoping meeting and finalise delivery details


Essemy will build a delivery team and have a customised project delivered to your requirements

Contact Information

Contact the Essemy team by email, phone or the contact form.

Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm