Post a project

If you have a specific project with a budget in mind, whether it be a long term engagement or a training session, use our custom built system to post a project that will be sent out to experts on our platform. Our experts will respond with competitive proposals & pricing and you choose the best fit for your organisation’s needs.

Why post a project?

  1. We have designed this service for those businesses that know exactly what they need but it might not exist on the platform or is a unique need.  Whether that be a 2 hour lunch and learn on a particular topic, a long term project or a large delivery program, Post a Project is an efficient way to go to market for proposals and choose the right solution for your business.

How to post a project


Create a client account


Complete the Post a Project Form


Your project will automatically be sent to experts with relevant skills to review and respond with a proposal and pricing


All proposals will be sent to your Essemy account for review and selection