Multi-Workshop Training Programs

Essemy is able to understand your organisation’s challenges and deliver engaging workshops to develop team skills, solve problems and improve culture.

A Multiple Workshop Solution That Suits Your Organisation

Often, clients are looking to build a sequence of workshops that fits into a broader learning and development strategy. Essemy provides your organisation with access to our exclusive network of hand-picked professional facilitators and workshops to build a multi-workshop solution or training program to suit your organisational needs.

As part of our service, an experienced member of the Essemy team will work directly with you to help build out a customised development strategy designed to deliver skills across a team or a whole workforce. This can be a more intensive delivery strategy or a longer multi-year approach with a single facilitator or a team of highly experienced subject matter experts.

Essemy expert facilitators utilise practical strategies, proven techniques, and hands-on training to provide your team with effective workshops. By working with Essemy, you can upskill your team, cultivate employee growth, and generate quantifiable change.

A Solution That Is Custom Fit to What You Need

We provide direct access to facilitation services that cover an array of growth-focused topics, including team-building, communication skills, conflict resolution, the latest sales strategies, change management techniques, leadership development, employee development, digital marketing, diversity and inclusion, and more.

We assist clients in building learning strategies and people solutions, featuring expert facilitation training, interactive sessions, hands-on or virtual training, real-world case studies, and practical strategies, all perfectly matched to the needs and goals of your organisation.

Our network of professional facilitators has the industry expertise, strategies, and advanced tools, as well as the ability to deeply connect with and understand your organisation, to foster sustainable growth and bring measurable change to your team.

Benefits of Multiple Workshops For Your Employees

Our team designs customised workshop solutions conducted by industry experts who deliver proven results. We assemble workshop programs based on the exact needs and goals of your organisation.

Benefits of facilitated training for your employees include:

Why Work With Essemy?

Essemy’s unrivalled network of sector experts features hand-picked talent designed to optimise your organisation’s development and foster lasting results.

Whether you need a single expert to provide intensive training on a particular subject or strategy or want a team of professionals to help drive transformation, we’ll craft a program tailored to your organisation’s culture, mission, and goals.

Contact us today to invest in your team’s future and find out how Essemy can assist with your organisational development.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Creating a Multiple Workshop Solution

Ready to invest in the growth and success of your organisation? Our expert team at Essemy will carefully curate a selection of workshops designed to deliver solutions aligned with your organisational goals and strategy. Contact us to learn more about our tailored workshop solutions.

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Our exclusive network features hand-picked talent and sector experts, giving you direct access to industry leaders and freelance consultants who are considered the ‘best-of-the-best’ in their field.

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