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Are you an individual looking for a leadership, specialty or career coach, or are you an organisation looking to build a coaching panel for your people? Essemy is an experienced provider of coaching services to industry and government and government enterprises. Essemy has a pool of curated, expert coaches to help individuals develop their strengths and achieve their potential.

We take the time needed to understand the very foundation of the coaching required to identify the coach who will be the best fit for the coachee and the number of sessions required.

In person, or online.
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Our convenient, customised approach to professional coaching services ensures that we find a coach who works with your exact schedule. Whether you want the convenience of an online coach, the hands-on approach of an in-person coach, or a strategy that includes a mix of both, we’ll develop a customised solution with an Essemy leadership, speciality skill or career coach that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

We connect you with a coach who is easily accessible, readily available, and prepared with the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to guide the coachee in their development.

Different Types of Coaching

What is The Engagement Process of a Coach with Essemy?

We will always have a discovery call or meeting to ensure there is alignment with what is required prior to making any recommendations on a coach or number of sessions. There is the option to complete an assessment to assist in building a baseline prior to commencing any coaching engagement with Essemy. 

Prior to the commencement, there is a pre-work session with each employee being coached to understand their needs, build rapport, debrief their assessment (if applicable) and kick off the coaching agreement.

The Coach can follow up with stakeholders to outline what has been agreed to be worked on during the coaching relationship.

Benefits of Having a Leadership, Speciality Skill or Career Coach With Essemy

Why get a coach to help develop people in your organisation? With Essemy a coach is chosen based on the coachees’ exact needs and goals and can help support improved productivity, increased career growth and success and increased employee engagement.

Why Essemy

Have you searched, “Professional Coaching” and been overwhelmed with where to find quality, accredited coaches? Essemy’s coaches, are all pre-vetted prior to joining the team and must have a minimum number of hours.

Essemy is Australia’s leader in professional development and coaching services. With our exclusive network of facilitators and coaches, we serve as the bridge between your organisation and the industry experts you need.

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Learn how we’ve helped create tailored solutions for Perth business owners, connecting them with the exact business coaching services they needed to revamp their businesses, increase revenue, and boost growth.

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