Why Too Many Sales Teams are Underperforming

Who would agree with these observations?

#1. Over 50% of sales teams are working with nonexistent or weak, unstable sales systems.

#2. Another 20% are working in unproductive, sick, anaemic work environments that sap the energy from the sales people.

#3. As a result, sales people aren’t happy, Sales Managers and Business Owners are stressed out and Customers get a substandard buying experience.

#4. That leads to lower conversion rates, lower average dollar sales, lower profit margins and lower repeat business and referrals.

If you’re serious about turning these numbers around, you need to address TWO KEY AREAS

#1. The Energy, Passion and Focus in your team.

A key timeless principle I have been teaching for the past 25 years is:

‘You don’t manage people, you Manage Energy.’

As a Business Owner, CEO, Manager, like Richard Branson or any other leader in business you admire, you will find their personal energy and the environment they create aims to unleash the collective energy of their people.

To the degree you unleash and focus the energy is the degree you make progress.

Energy Propels Progress..

So how do you do it?

#2. Sales Systems Determines Sales Success

If you have weak, anaemic sales systems, how can you expect A Grade results?

Too many Business Owners and Sales Managers work on the basis that ‘if they’re a nice person and/or a good talker, they will be a good salesperson..’

Too many untrained salespeople confuse a transaction with a sales process.

The Sales Professional knows at any point in the sale where they are in the Sales Process.

The amateur just keeps talking and hoping..

Understanding the Science of the Successful Sales process then customising that Science to your business and your business values is a critical factor in today’s marketplace.

Your Sales Process absolutely must include and allow for Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Your Digital footprint needs to be managed so it positions you and your business before the Prospect calls you or you make contact with the prospect.

Shaping, tailoring, customising, systematising the Buying Experience so you get Quality – consistency, predictability and high value – will get you to the starting line in today’s market place.

Leaving it to chance or a quick 10 minute training for a new sales rep is not and never has been the answer.

Passion x Process = Performance

Leigh Farnell
Business Innovation and Growth through Sales and Service Teamwork

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