Harrison Assessments

A simple, easy to deploy profiling tool that helps you to Acquire, Develop, Lead & Engage Talent in your organisation.

Harrison Assessments is a cost effective suite of profiling tools to better inform decision making into the hiring and development of your people. People are an organisation’s greatest asset, and a key focus should be ensuring the best talent is recruited but there is also a development plan to ensure they continue to grow and be the best they can.

The Harrison Assessment tools are used by some of the world’s largest and smallest brands in 61 countries and has assessed over 2,500,000 people.

Using Harrison Assessments for Recruitment

Recruiting the right people is one of the most critical decisions a leader can make and better decisions can be made by using proven tools. Bad recruitment decisions and staff turnover is a hidden cost and even the best leaders can make mistakes on who they hire.

Harrisons is a cost effective, easy to understand tool that will provide key insights into the job fit of an individual and where they have strengths and weaknesses. It is simple to deploy and a proven way to improve your recruitment. There are over 700 job descriptions within the Harrison eco-system with the ability to customise to your organisation.

Using Harrison Assessments for People Development

Learning and development budgets can be wasted with a broad-brush or having a reactive approach to developing your people. By using Harrison Assessments, you can target development needs in an efficient way and develop a plan that both provides personal growth and also meets the strategic needs of the organisation. It provides powerful insights into the behaviours and traits of individuals and where improvement areas might be. It is one of the only tools that provides an understanding of paradox behaviours, where opposing behaviours can both be true, for instance how people may react when under pressure or exposed to stressful situations. It is especially powerful when used in coaching as it will provide a baseline for the coach to start the conversation on where development areas might be for the participant to reach their potential.

Organisations can use Harrison Assessments to provide inputs into their organisational development strategy including succession planning, team development, organisational design, leadership capability and retaining talent. Used in the right way, it will provide more transparency around strengths and weaknesses and how to use the strengths for the benefit of the organisation.

Essemy is a licenced consulting partner with Harrisons. Reach out today to discuss how we can assist with using Harrisons in your organisation.

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