Diagnostic Questions

Welcome to the next stage of your application process. As part of Essemy’s commitment to maintain a high calibre of facilitators on the platform, we have designed this diagnostic to provide us with an understanding of each facilitator’s delivery and engagement style and their suitability for the platform.

At the end of the Diagnostic Questions, you will be asked to attach a sample of your training materials.

These materials will be compared to the answers you have provided in the diagnostic, to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Training Material required includes;

  1. Sample of slides from a presentation with the follow criteria;
    • Your area of expertise
    • Delivered within the last 6 months
    • At least 10 slides including speaker notes
      • Speaker notes should include information about what is delivered, including facilitation management (what are the participants doing during the presentation i.e. Listening, sharing ideas with partners, group discussions and worksheets?
  2. Video of teaching sample;
    • 5-15 minutes of you delivering a workshop/presentation in the last 6 months
      • External link to the uploaded video on YouTube, Loom or any website or cloud based storage space (Dropbox or Google Drive)
    • If you do not have a video or an upcoming presentation you can record, you can also do a ‘mock’ presentation with Essemy post application

If you are asked to meet with Essemy, we will also ask a series of extension questions based on the questions in the diagnostic below, so please answer as truthfully as possible.

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  • At Essemy, we are looking for subject matter experts who facilitate. How would you describe yourself as a facilitator?