A quick walk through the Lean Foundation Workshop with Dan Giles

I’ve had a lot of questions about the Lean Foundation Training Workshops. Who should attend? How will you benefit and what will you learn? Here’s a quick walk through what you can expect when you attend one of these workshops.

Who Is It Suitable For?
The Foundation Training Workshop is suitable for you and your business if you want to dip your toe in the water with Lean. Maybe you’d like to see what it’s about and get a better understanding of what it might do for you.

Be Inspired
If you are already on the Lean journey, you might be looking for a little bit more inspiration for your working team or your management group.

Build Your Team
The key to this training experience is that it’s not just aimed at a particular part of the business. It works well for team-building. A single team and their team leader will come away more focused and inspired.

Inform Your Leadership Group
The workshop is also good for a leadership team. This might be the management of a business or a department. The training allows you to be able to sit down and get your head around what Lean means and how it works in practice.

Benefits Across Industries
All types of businesses can benefit. This approach is not just focused on manufacturing, which is where Lean started. These are concepts and tools that work in any kind of business where you have products or services, and you’ve got customers and employees.

Suitable For People Driven Process
The principles that come across in Lean and Continuous Improvement are suitable for any kind of people-driven process or any process where people have an impact on it.

Optimise Your Process
At the end of the day, you can have all the technology and all of the fancy software or machinery you want, but that doesn’t necessarily lead to improvements. We often see an underutilisation of those things and teams that don’t know how to run the process optimally. They don’t know how to continuously improve their process.

Spark Interest
This training enables you to take a team with an open mind and put them through this one-day workshop. This is going to give you some basic tools you need to get started on the journey. It will start to pique interest. It will get you and your team asking questions like, “What else is there? What else can we do?”

Background Knowledge
Early in training, I explain the thinking behind Lean and how it relates to some simple tools. The underlying message is that Lean and Continuous Improvement can be cultural habits in your business. You can’t just implement a tool or technique and expect that everything’s going be okay. It is going to be an ongoing journey.

Fun For Teams
It’s also very helpful for teams to have fun with the practical exercises that are part of the workshop. It’s also important for leaders to recognise that they need to set a good culture to sustain Continuous Improvement, to sustain Lean in the business.

Step Forward
If you bring a team or a group of people from your business along, or even just one or two people from your business, you will gain an appreciation for what Lean can do for you. If you, or people you work with, take one or two things away from the day and even think about implementing it, then you will be making a step forward in your business. That is because ultimately, businesses that conduct Lean activities, conduct Continuous Improvement and engage their employees, are more sustainable and have the opportunity for growth.

Shift In Mindset
The workshop is about helping you to start to shift your mindset. You’ll realise that there is more than just the same grind with the same problems day in, day out. There are ways and techniques you can use to improve it. There’s more you need to do to create a cultural shift that gets everybody engaged and drives employee satisfaction.

Workshop Format
The training is run as quite an interactive workshop. We start with some theory in the morning while everybody is fresh. This is followed by some practical exercises to demonstrate how Lean can be applied. These are very simple exercises, and some of them are paper-based, and some of them involve teamwork. About mid-morning we start to work on a simulated work environment. As we progress through the day, we run three, and if we have time, four rounds of improving how the work environment functions. You will be part of a team competing against the other teams. It is a lot of fun.

Light Bulb Moments
The workshop is effective because it gives you a chance to take the theory you have been taught and apply it in a practical setting. There will be light bulb moments. You will see what you can do differently and what you can take back and apply in your business.


Daniel Giles
Lean and Business Improvement Specialist

If you are interested in any of Daniel’s Lean Training workshops in Perth or reading about his background, please visit this link.

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